Role Models

I remember watching The Project the other week, like I do most days for my fix of world news with a hint of comedy, and one of the topics was on Role Models, discussing how celebrities and sports stars may not be the greatest of people for kids to look up to. It got me thinking, who do you consider your Role Model?

I never really had a role model as a child. Actually, I don’t think I ever had one. I wasn’t interested in stuff like that, and there was no one that I wanted to be like. Nobody. But, as I look back on that, I keep thinking, if I DID have someone back then, good or bad, that I looked up to, would I be a different person from what I am today? Would I be outgoing, confident and helpful? Dependent or independent? Could I even be married right now, or pregnant? Would I have done better in school, or worse? The fact that these question are even coming to me could be an indication that maybe, just maybe, having some sort of role can really impact your life. Maybe I am the way I am now because I didn’t have a role model. Even artists needs to get inspiration from somewhere.

So after some deep thought, who was there that I could look up to now to help me, inspire me to get out of this rut? Answer: Cassey Ho.


Fitness instructor and creator of Blogilates, Cassey is someone who I have been watching for a long time, as I have a big interest in fitness and nutrition and would like to study it at University in the near future. Her bright and bubbly personality and her positive attitude towards fitness is inspirational. I would love to have an amazing attitude and spirit like hers, to be able to motivate and inspire people to change themselves for the better, and show that hard work can pay off if you really stick at it. Plus I love Pilates and Yoga, which is a bonus. She is not someone who is always in the “media”, doesn’t have any scandals and lives a happy and healthy life. I wouldn’t say she in my “role model” (I feel I am a little too old for that), but she is definitely someone that I would like to be like in terms of attitude and personality.

You can check out more of Cassey @:

Or, feel free to share who your role model/inspirational person is. šŸ™‚

Mahdee xx



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