Head or Heart?


Just a little post today to talk about something that’s been on my mind lately; to follow my head or to follow my heart.

So, I am definitely at an age when I should be thinking about a career that I want to pursue in the future, but my heart is telling me to stick with the original plan of being a nutritionist/personal trainer, but my head is now telling me to pursue a career in jewellery, something I love just as equally but the only skill I’ve actually been praised for.

Could I be both?

I would love to pursue both of these careers (but in my current situation can really only pursue one) as I have great ideas for both of them, yet which do I go with?
I’ve always struggled to figure out what I want to do with my future, usually just heading in the direction of whatever I was getting good marks at in school, but now that I’ve started to listen to my head and my heart, I’ve narrowed it down to two and it’s time to pick between those. My mum said to me for the first time the other day that I should “just do what I love, otherwise it’s just a job, not a career”. Maybe someday in the future I will be doing both [nutrition/jewellery]. Or just maybe, after meditating on it a little longer, the answer will shine through. It better hurry though, ’cause Uni/TAFE aren’t going to wait for me forever.

Hope you guys are following your heads and your hearts in whatever you do too, and are doing something you truly love. 🙂

Mahdee xx

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