F.F – Eat the Rainbow!


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t done a Food Friday in a while (busy, busy, busy), and although it is Sunday, I’m going to do a quick Food Friday for you guys about a way to get more fruit and veggies into your diet; eat the rainbow.

Blogilates founder Cassey Ho does  an amazing video on “Eating the Rainbow”, but here’s a little breakdown for you.

On Monday, you try to incorporate as many red fruits and vegetables into your meals; tomatoes, strawberries, red apples, raspberries.

Tuesday is the same, but orange; oranges, carrots, melons, apricots, mangos.

Wednesday is yellow food; bananas, corn, squash, pineapple… yellow watermelon anyone?

Thursday is probably my favourite day of the week with green food; celery, capsicum, leafy greens, broccoli, beans and peas, green apples and grapes, cabbage!

Friday is blue day; bring on the blueberries!

Saturday is purple food; eggplant, beetroot, plums, purple cabbage, purple grapes.

On Sunday, you have to eat one of each colour. Colourful meals are the GREATEST!


To check out Cassey’s video, just click the link below and enjoy. Let’s all make our meals deliciously colourful. Our bodies will thank us for it. 🙂

Mahdee xx



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